PHP Development Suite could be a comprehensive educational program that equips candidates with the basics of PHP with in depth follow in writing of purposeful net applications. With constant technological advancements during this competitive era witnessing ceaselessly ever-changing programming platforms, PHP has currently become the leading and extremely accepted web-application development technology worldwide.

PHP could be a server-side scripting language, that is extensively designed for web site development. it’s additionally used as Associate in Nursing general programing language because it is easy and economical. PHP is a simple program language with logical syntax and well-described command functions. This programing language is ascendable and might be simply used whereas writing codes, making net applications and might even be relied upon whereas serving many websites.

PHP Development Suite is comprehensive and is fitted to each beginners furthermore as advanced learners. PHP Development Suite is best fitted to net developers, software package engineers, system engineers, mobile app developers, freelancers and anyone wanting build powerful websites with PHP.

This educational program entails the basics of PHP and equips the candidate with advanced PHP development tools and techniques, helps the candidate in understanding the PHP knowledge objects furthermore as provides Associate in Nursing introduction to CodeIgniter.

Here are some of the major learning benefits that come with this training program:

  • This training enables the participants to learn the fundamentals of PHP including installing PHP, basic output as well as variables
  • Participants will be able to create web pages that are dynamic using PHP
  • Trained candidates will be able to develop a complete CMS with PHP
  • The training program also entails MySQL and PHP fundamentals and introduction to CodeIgniter
  • It also trains participants in integrating database using MySQLi extension of PHP
  • This training empowers the candidates to develop an Image Upload Website with PHP
  • PHP Object Oriented Programming, PHP Model View Controller Pattern (PHP MVC), an overview of PHP Data Objects, PHP Development with Laravel 4, PHP Object Oriented Programming – building a Login System, Setting up PayPal Instant Payment Notification with PHP and advanced PHP development are also covered in this training

Introduction of Web & PHP

  • What is PHP?
  • The history of PHP
  • Why choose PHP?
  • Installation overview

First Steps

  • Embedding PHP code on a page
  • Outputting dynamic text
  • The operational trail
  • Inserting code comments

Exploring Data Types

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • String functions
  • Numbers part one: Integers
  • Numbers part two: Floating points
  • Arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Array functions
  • Booleans
  • NULL and empty
  • Type juggling and casting
  • Constants

Control Structures: Logical Expressions

  • If statements
  • Else and elseif statements
  • Logical operators
  • Switch statements

Control Structures: Loops

  • While loops
  • For loops
  • Foreach loops
  • Continue
  • Break
  • Understanding array pointers

User-Defined Functions

  • Defining functions
  • Function arguments
  • Returning values from a function
  • Multiple return values
  • Scope and global variables
  • Setting default argument values


  • Common problems
  • Warnings and errors
  • Debugging and troubleshooting

Building Web Pages with PHP

  • Links and URLs
  • Using GET values
  • Encoding GET values
  • Encoding for HTML
  • Including and requiring files
  • Modifying headers
  • Page redirection
  • Output buffering

Working with Forms and Form Data

  • Building forms
  • Detecting form submissions
  • Single-page form processing
  • Validating form values
  • Problems with validation logic
  • Displaying validation errors
  • Custom validation functions
  • Single-page form with validations

Working with Cookies and Sessions

  • Working with cookies
  • Setting cookie values
  • Reading cookie values
  • Unsetting cookie values
  • Working with sessions