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TwinTech Solution, One of the best and the most extensive Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai. This CEH Training which is designed according to the updated trends in Ethical Hacking. We offered the best Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai with great infrastructure. Also, they having more than 18+ years of experienced professional CEH trainers. We provide flexible time and duration of the CEH training courses for both Weekday and Weekend. ceh training in chennai ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

Ethical Hackers are hired to stay one step ahead of Cyber Criminals by evaluating like them. Learners enrolled in this CEH training program will learn to analyze the criminal hackers. Moreover, candidates also learn the attack scenarios, Mobile Hacking, Penetration Testing, and identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s Cyber Foundation. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

CEH is a complete Ethical Hacking and Information Systems Security Auditing program concentrating on the most advanced security threats. Also most advanced attack vectors and live real-time presentation of updated methodologies, Hacking methods, tools, skills and security measures.  ceh training in chennai

Hacking is the act of getting the probable entry points that exist in a computer system or a computer network and ultimately entering into them. Hacking is regularly done to obtain unofficial access to a computer system or a computer network, either to injure the systems or to seize raw sensitive information accessible on the computer.ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

This class section explains the ethical use of various “white hat” cyber penetration testing tools and techniques compatible with Ethical Hacking training. Aspirants are exposed to several computer hacking skills and analyze various shielding devices and their effectiveness. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

Start your Hacking Job Profession by joining this ethical hacking course!  ceh training in chennai


  • Open Web Information Gathering
  • Google Hacking
  • IOT Search Engines
  • Other search engines
  • DNS Reconnaissance
  • Forward lookup bruteforce
  • Reverse lookup bruteforce
  • DNS Zone Transfers
  • SNMP reconnaissance
  • Enumerating Running Services .
  • Enumerating TCP ports
  • Network Infrastructure Using Maltego
  • Social Infrastructure Using Maltego


  • TCP Port Scanning Basics
  • UDP Port Scanning Basics
  • Network Sweeping Using Nmap
  • OS fingerprinting Using Nmap
  • Nmap Scripting Engine
  • Unicornscan ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai
  • Hping3
  • Vulnerability Scanning using OpenVas
  • Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus ceh training in chennai
  • Vulnerability Scanning using Acunetix
  • Vulnerabilty Scanning using BurpSuite


  • Fuzzing ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai
  • Exploiting Windows Buffer Overflows ceh training in chennai
  • Replicating the Crash
  • Controlling EIP
  • Locating Space for our Shellcode
  • Redirecting the execution flow
  • Finding a return address
  • Getting our shell ceh training in chennai


  • Generate payloads for Windows
  • Generate payloads for Android
  • Generate payloads for Linux
  • Generate payloads for OSX
  • Backdooring executables using Backdoor Factory & other tools
  • Arduino USB keylogger


  • Beef Exploitation Framework


  • Introduction to wifi encryptions and latest methods
  • Cracking wep encryption
  • Cracking wpa encrytion using wps pixie attack
  • Cracking wpa wpa2 using bruteforce and dictionary attack
  • Social Engineering wifi networks


  • Password Profiling Using Cewl
  • Online password attacks
  • Circumventing rate limitation on web applications
  • Offline cracking encryption using dictionary and bruteforce
  • Distributed password cracking
  • SNMP Bruteforce


  • Understanding the basics of web applications
  • A Glance on common vulnerabilities
  • Enumerating CMS
  • Misconceptions about CMS
  • Browser redirection using XSS
  • iframe injection using XSS
  • Stealing Cookies using XSS
  • Abusing Sessions using XSS
  • Local Remote File
  • SQL injection 
  • Tampering Data with Burp Suite
  • Cross Site Request Forgery


  • Basics Of Report
  • Types Of Report Writing ethical hacking training in chennai

LAB REQUIREMENT ethical hacking , ethical hacking course

  • 64bit Host operating system ethical hacking , ethical hacking course
  • A minimum 4 GB RAM installed
  • VMware Workstation / Fusion installed ethical hacking , ethical hacking course
  • At least 60 GB HD free
  • Wired Network Support ethical hacking , ethical hacking course
  • USB 2.0 support or better ethical hacking , ethical hacking course

If you are eager to learn CEH Training and Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai, then you need to have some basic knowledge of computers. It will be more helpful and beneficial for those who need to learn this Ethical Hacking Course. If you pursue this Ethical Hacking Course, aspirants should have a degree or diploma in IT Sectors Professionals.

Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai with TwinTech Solutions will sharpen the practical skills required to become an Ethical Hacker. TwinTech Solutions is the best place to learn Ethical Hacking Training for, 

  • Hacking enthusiasts
  • Ethical Hackers Future IT Sec Professionals
  • IT Students Programmers
  • IT enthusiasts

What is an Ethical Hacker ?

A certified ethical hacker is a spirit with the skill abilities of an IT expert who knows how to recognize the flaws and vulnerabilities of a system. Well, trained professional then uses the invention in a legitimate way, to give an evaluation of the security status,  within the laws of a country. To accomplish the CEH certification, an aspirant need to assemble for a CEHv10 course training which towards network security and evaluating security systems using penetration testing techniques. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

Is this course practical or theory?

Well, Our experienced trainer educates the Ethical Hacking Course which consists of 90% practicals and 10% theory in our session. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

How likely I can clear the Ethical Hacking Certification exam?

Our primary goal is to get to clear the Ethical Hacking Certification Exam. Of course, our ethical hacking certification training which has a proven record for assisting the aspirants to get certified in Certification. Definitely, TwinTech Solution is well designed to gain knowledge with economical Training Cost for this Ethical Hacking Course Training in Chennai. Ethical Hacking Training conducted byTwinTech is highly acknowledged by our candidates. By providing our candidates’ reviews and feedback in various Social Media like Google, facebook, etc,.. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

What is the passing score in ethical hacker course exam?

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHexam is conducted by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ethical hacking certification exam consisting of 125 multiple choice questions to be performed in 4 hours among a passing score of 70%. ethical hacking training in chennai
What are the different types of ethical hacking course training TwinTech Solutions offer? Ethical Hacking Course

TwinTech Solutions offers flexible Classroom training, online training, and Corporate Training. Top Experts are providing course that are currently working in the IT Industry. ethical hacking training in chennai ethical hacking course in chennai

How much an ethical hacker earn?

If you clear your Ethical Hacking certification, You can earn huge salary from $24,760 to $111,500. Certified professionals may receive a reward or an incentive, in addition to this, ranging from $0.00 to $17,500. Therefore, a CEH can gain salary originating from $247,60 to as precious as $132,322.

Can I discuss with your Ethical Hacking trainer before joining the course?

YES, ethical hacking training in chennai
You can attend a free demo session with our Ethical Hacking Expert before joining itself. Our trainer will give you a complete overview of the project management courses.
To book your registration for a free demo session.

Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai, Ethical Hacking Course in chennai, ceh training in chennai

About Ethical Hacking Course Trainers
Our trainers are Information Security Experts who constantly get updated on the latest emerging threats, apart from that they find vulnerable softwares and write their own exploit modules. They are certified and vetted by  EC Council CEH , Comptia Pentesting , Offensive Security OSCP etc . The founder himself holds a Masters Degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime analaysis. he constantly montiors ethical hacking training sessions to update the current emerging cyber security trends and technologies.
Exploits & Tools Found By Our Trainers

ceh training in chennai, ethical hacking training in chennai, ethical hacking course in chennai

ceh training in chennai, ethical hacking training in chennai, ethical hacking course in chennai

We offer Live Online Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) which is a virtual classroom. All you need is a computer and internet and you can be a part of a highly interactive live virtual Ethical Hacking class. The Ethical hacking classes timings are scheduled to your liking, and these are led by highly experienced and professional instructors who are certified in Ethical Hacking field of expertise.hacking , ethical hacking course


ceh training in chennai, ethical hacking training in chennai, ethical hacking course in chennai


Learning Outcomes for our Ethical Hacking Course Training

  • First, you can identify and analyze the grades an ethical hacker needs to take in order to yield a target system.
  • Also, you can Identify the tools and techniques to bring out penetration testing.
  • In the meantime training, aspirants get to develop a practical understanding of the current cybersecurity issues and the directions how the errors made by users, administrators, or programmers can begin to exploitable insecurities. ceh training in chennai
  • Critically evaluate security techniques utilized to shield the system and user data.
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the concepts of security at the level of policy and strategy in a computer system.ceh training in chennai
  • Of course, our experts will explore the principles and procedures associated with the cybersecurity practice is known as penetration testing or ethical hacking


  • TwinTech is the Best one for the Ethical Hacking Training center in Chennai.
  • Our Training Institute contributes the Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai on both Weekends and Weekdays at flexible Timings. ceh training in chennai
  • Online and Corporate Ethical Hacking Training also available.
  • Hence, You can get Knowledge in Complex Technical Concepts of Ethical Hacking Course.
  • Especially, You can learn renewed Topics because we have Well Experienced Specialists with 15+ Years in the relevant industry.
  • Interactive practical oriented Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai since from the first class.
  • Here, TwinTech Solutions is the Best place to Learn ceH course training in Chennai Since you will learn by live practical sessions. 
  • Afforded Instructor-led Live Online session for Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai.
  • Also, we will lead you to complete Ethical Hacking Certification Course in Chennai.
  • Hence, You can be expertise in various essential features of Ethical Hacking Training Course in Chennai


  • Ethical Hacking Tool afforded to the trainee during the training.
  • Real-Time live practical scenarios approach for every Topic.
  • Compared to other institute, Highly Qualified CEH training .Masters with rich experience in Ethical Hacking implementation.
  • Hands-on Practical responsibilities for all module for CEH training.
  • Provides Ethical Hacking Training Material with Process & Object examples.
  • Especially, We Provides flexible Timings and tailor-made fees structure. ceh training in chennai
  • Guidance for Ethical Hacker Certification at the end of the CEH training duration.

Top reason why you should choose Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai

In case you are still not convinced about joining our institute, here are a few reasons why you should give it a go.

  • We are one of the best Ethical Hacking Training Centre that you will find in Chennai.
  • We accommodate our students with flexible timings throughout the week (including weekends).
  • We offer online training also with corporate ethical hacking training as well.
  • We provide you with the most recent information and knowledge available in the industry regarding technical concepts of Ethical Hacking. v
  • We offer professional and experienced instructors who have had more than 15 years of experience in the field. ceh training in chennai
  • All classes are extremely interactive with a clear perspective.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home with the help of our live online sessions.
  • Our classes are not very expensive. ceh training in chennai
  • You will have access to a full knowledge of Ethical Hacking Certification.
  • Soon you will become an expert in various categories that are related to ethical hacking.


ethical hacking course
ethical hacking course
ethical hacking course


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